About Us

Our history

We will not waste time talking about our team, our education, abilities and great experience. Instead, I will speak of passion, that – like love – nobody knows where it comes from, how it carries us away and conditions our choices and way of life. Sometimes it arises spontaneously; sometimes it is handed down, as in our case.
In fact, it was Badin grand that in the distant ‘60s thought up and planned the first automatic machines for the production of previously manually-made concrete articles.

Project, years 60s
Badin grandfather, years 60s

Today the same passion is the driving force behind BADINBLOCK, that has known how to maintain those creative values and energetic drive to unite them with three generations of experience and continuous improvement.

Workshop, years 90s
International, 2000

It is the same passion that today induces us to create ever better and more productive machinery to meet our customers’ demands.

We are absolutely convinced that, in any field, amazing products are born from this internal force, from this unbounded desire to be the best, only for the sake of it, for the satisfaction of the Company and all its employees that always give of their  best in the spirit of advancement. This passion and professionalism which has made us the leader in Italian and local market and well-known as the better mobile block machines, and at now well appreciated by the new International customers.

BADIN… 50 years on the BLOCK.