BF Machinery

BF is the innovative stationary evolution of BadinBlock and it permits many new  advantages , compared to traditional stationary plants

TABLE. The machine  presses  the paves and blocks on a own vibrating steel plate and only deposite the items on the  wooden tables cm 120x120. The machine  presses the curbs on the table, but there are no vibrators under it and the table is supported by a sturdy flat surface. All this translates into lower consumption and deformation of the plates themselves. So it is not strictly necessary  to provide a  system to reverse the tables around the plant.
ENERGY SAVING. The machine uses a combination of pressing (max force 50KN),  side vibration, higher vibration and lower vibration on steel  plate (total vibrators'force 150KN). This system can produce all the items from paves to curbs, using less power (about 30 KW on the whole machine) when  compared with the same size and common stationary presses with vibration under table.
EXTREME FLEXIBILITY. The system is universal , so it's able to produce any type of product: paving, block, curb, etc.. And with  additional modules: double-layer paving, curb double-layer block with thermally insulating insert and even insulated block  with double-layer vertical (exclusive and patented).

 Moulds BF 
10 X 20/25 X 40/50 18 each time 
15 X 20/25 X 40/50 14 each time 
20 X 20/25 X 40/50 10 each time 
25 X 20/25 X 40/50 8 each time 
25 X 20/25 X 40/50
8 each time
30 X 20/25 X 40/50 6 each time
 Hollow Tiles
14 X 20/25 X 40/50 14 each time
16 X 20/25 X 40/50 12 each time
18 X 20/25 X 40/50 10 each time
20 X 20/25 X 40/50 10 each time
8/10 X 25/30 X 100 9 each time
10/12 X 25 X 100 7 each time
12/15 X 25 X 100 6 each time
 Interlock Paves

1 m2 each time
1 m2 each time
Output/day (one 8-hours shift) for 20x20x40 standard blocks 8.000
Output/day (one 8-hours shift) for cm 12/15x25x100 kerbstones 5.000
Output/day(one 8-hours shift) for singler-layer pavers (m2) 600
Insulating blocks with polystyrene cm.20x20x40 5.500
Output/day(one 8-hours shift) for doube-layer pavers (m2) 450
Double layer insulating blocks with polystyrene cm.20x20x40 4.000
  Mould area (cm) 105x107
  Producy height (mm) 25/300
  Wooden tables (cm) 140x120xH4
  Operation Fully automatic - PLC
  Total power of plant (kW) 40
  Vibro compressing force (kg) 25.000
  Weight of machine without concrete (kg) 13.000
  Hopper capacity (lt) 1.250