Used only a little bit, perfectly working. Year 2008.
The 1036 is a, CE marked machine, for automatically picking up concrete elements produced in a vibrating mouldmachine.
It is fully automatic and self-propelled onsteel wheels Wight an “adiprene” rubberlayer. It only requires the operator to enter the program and possibly insert the pallet, this operation to be performed onl ywith the specific device delivered with the machine. In fact, the machine’s program allows it to work with or without a pallet.
The front part of the machine is providedwith introduction guides that allow it to follow a row of concrete products evenif they are not perfectly aligned.
The EPROM that controls the machine allows the operator to select differenttypes of packaging of the desireddimension with simple digital input to the pre-installed programs. The operator need only select the type of packaging and whether it is with or without a pallet.
The EPROM also has a self-test subroutine capable of detecting functional anomalies.

Lenght (mm) 1,00
Width (mm) 1,00
Height (mm) 1,20
Steering diameter (m) 4,5
Drive speed (m/min) 13
Total installed power (kW) 6,9
Total absorbed power (kW) 4,2
Total weight without mould (kg) 2.600
Total weight without mould (m3) 11,53
Lenght (m) 3,10
Width (m) 1,55
Height (m) 2,40